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Best Sports Weekend Ever.

Published By Corey on Feb.03.2009 at 8:00PM

Wow! What an amazing weekend in sports. Easily the best I can recall.

Georges St. Pierre defends his title in spectacular fashion at UFC 94

GSP continued to show he improves with every fight and solidified himself at or near the top of the pound for pound list.

Additionally Lyoto Machida produces a highlight reel knockout in the last second of the first round. The rest of the event was full of high energy bouts but with all the decisions the two main fights definitely saved the event

Nadal survives back to back epic 5 set matches to win the Australian Open

In the process he shuts Federer out of his record tying 14th open title. Poor Federer was a wreck after the defeat, breaking down trying to give a speech, very emotional stuff.

If you didn't watch the matches I highly recommend you find them. 50 years from now the Nadal-Federer rivalry will likely stand as one of the best across all sports.

Steelers and Cardinals produce an awesome SuperBowl

Poor Cardinals, a back and forth rollercoaster of hope and despair. With the final nail in the coffin from Santonio Holmes amazing performance on the winning drive.

I usually attend superbowl games to enjoy food and friendship but this game had my attention as soon as Harrison produced the longest play in superbowl history.

Plus checkout the awesome Twitter visualization of the game

iBracket comes out

Ok, so maybe not on the same caliber as the other big achievements of the weekend, but Full of Design and ES Group are proud to announce the first application for March Madness on the iPhone. iBracket is free until February 15th.